The Essence of Italian Style in Herno's New Men's Collection


In the beginning, it was water. The one that makes life flow. The one that creates...

Whether in the river or in the lake, in the rain or in the fog, in the snow or in the humidity, water is the element that inspires the brand.

Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana sensed the possibility of doing business and created the raincoat from that 1948 cotton, treated with castor oil from airplanes abandoned by the war.

In the mid-1950s, raincoats were followed by women's garments and hand-knitted reversible cashmere coats.

Herno's most iconic garments, such as its elegant coats and jackets, have graced the closets of fashionistas around the world. Now, with the launch of its new spring-summer collection, the brand presents a fresh and modern reinterpretation of timeless classics.

Visit the new collection in our Pyrenées Corner.

Herno's new collection offers a wide range of menswear, from jackets perfect for cool summer evenings to sleek polo shirts and shirts that combine style and comfort for the contemporary man.

With high-quality fabrics and attention to detail, each piece in the collection reflects Herno's commitment to excellence and elegance.

Lightweight Jackets for Sunny Days

For warm spring and summer days, Herno offers a wide selection of lightweight jackets that combine style and function. Made with breathable fabrics and carefully designed details, these jackets are the perfect complement to any seasonal outfit.

Polo Shirts and Shirts: Casual Elegance for the Modern Man

Discover the variety of polo shirts and shirts that fuse Italian elegance with a touch of casual style. With impeccable cuts and high-quality fabrics, these garments are ideal for any occasion, from casual gatherings to social events.