The Philosophy

Gallery: the must-haves of ready-to-wear luxury fashion in Andorra

Sonia Yebra dreamt of constructing a unique boutique that would offer women a comprehensive view of the fashion world by seasonally expanding her present collections with new designers and internationally renowned brands. This dream became a reality, as Gallery has become synonymous with fashionable elegant living.


Gallery: The destination for fashion & trends

The Gallery woman

Gallery’s philosophy is to dress modern women everyday and for every occasion. Whether it is for work, during her free time or for a special event, Gallery’s desire is to be naturally in tune with the essence of women, which is to feel beautiful and special in every circumstance and in every environment.

Trend-hunter and look-creator!

In order to offer the best selection of brands and each season’s most exclusive pieces, Sonia travels to the world’s numerous fashion capitols and plunges herself into researching the latest trends, creating a curated selection of fashion pieces for the Gallery woman.