Balmain A designer creating divinely feminine fashion


A designer creating divinely feminine fashion

The Balmain style is a blend of feminine and sculptural lines; a woman trending Balmain is sexy and elegant, chic yet rebellious and strikingly beautiful. The house of Balmain fuses glamor and Rock & Roll with its waist-accentuating cuts, shoulder pads and sewn buttons that flatter and highlight the ultra feminine look!


A designer creating divinely feminine fashion

The 21st century Balmain woman epitomizes the “Sexy-Rocker fashion Look”

Balmain dresses women with its signature look. The house of Balmain became a genuine fashion icon by reinventing the “sexy-rocker look” with ripped haute couture jeans, blazers with oversized shoulder pads and large gold buttons.
A designer creating divinely feminine fashion
A designer creating divinely feminine fashion

Princesses, fashion and Rock & Roll

Dreams of well-crafted fashion pieces

Immediately following World War II in 1945, Pierre Balmain founded his eponymous fashion house after working in Lucien Lelong’s workshops. Balmain dreamt of dressing the active, elegant and carefree woman.

Well deserved success

At the dawn of his success, prestigious clients such as the Queens of Denmark, Belgium and Thailand sought out Balmain’s services. He knows, like no other, how to glorify a silhouette! However the house of Balmain did not inherit its world-renowned status until Oscar de la Renta and Christophe Decarnin successively took over the house.

Olivier Rousteing styling Kim Kardashian and Rihanna

Presently, Olivier Rousteing is the Creative Director in charge of the Balmain women’s ready-to-wear collections. In order to make women sexy and glamorous he gathers inspiration from his muses Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. The house of Balmain enhances the modern woman’s silhouette with a deliciously exuberant elegance!

A designer creating divinely feminine fashion

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